Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back To Blogging

I know sorry doesn't cut it but I really am sorry.

I have been wanting to post something but life has been crazy
not to mention every postless day that passes only causes my blog to become more daunting.
I know I should blog but I feel more and more guilty for not staying on top of posts which only drives my increasing desire to avoid my blog.
Kind of a twisted cycle if you ask me.

So today I said enough is enough.

I'm Back!
And I am really going to try to not make it another one of my blogging spurts.
Slow and Steady is my aim.

As for the "When In Rome" contest...
it looks as if we won but we are still waiting to hear from Robbins Brothers.
I have been wanting to go back over to the Turkish side to get some really cool things for the giveaway but I want to wait to make sure our win is official.