Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear White Dress,

You, by far, have been the biggest pain in my ass in regards to planning my wedding. This is bar none, the worst experience I have ever had with a bridal salon.
About a month ago one of my bridesmaids received an email notifying me that the color I wanted for my bridesmaid's dresses was about to be discontinued. I had to find this information out from her. Never once did I receive an email or a phone call from you telling me of the possible issues I could face if I didn't order the dresses soon.

I made sure all of my girls ordered their dresses at least two weeks before the fabric discontinued just in case any problems came up. I then received emails from all of my bridesmaids stating that they had faxed in their orders and they were good to go.

My MOH called your store about 3 weeks ago and left a voice mail to confirm her order. You specifically state on the message machine that you will return a call within four hours. It has been three weeks and you still HAVE NOT CALLED HER BACK!!!
She has been continuing to call to make sure you got her order for her dress and she finally got a hold of someone at your store who then proceeded to put her on hold for 20 minutes! Your employee then came back to tell her that you had not received 2 of the bridesmaid's orders.


What really makes me mad is that I had to find out this information from my MOH because The White Dress NEVER had the courtesy to call me and let me know that you didn't receive some of the orders (even though my girls all have proof that the faxes went through) And your excuse was that you "probably didn't have paper in the machine that day or the fax is lost somewhere."

That's unacceptable!

I then come to find out yesterday that after your employees told one of my bridesmaids that she could have x2 extra length on her dress, that you called her four weeks after she placed her order and proceeded to tell her that she could not have x2 extra length and you could only add four inches. Now the dress is too short.

I am so disappointed in choosing to do business with you and how horribly you have handled these problems. You cannot even grasp the concept of calling someone back who called mid day on a Friday let alone doing your designated job of ordering a dress!
The sad part is that this is not the first time this has happened to you guys. You would think you would figure it out by now.


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