Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Sorry Kenza

{Sorry Cam, I used the same picture. It's just SO pretty!}

I know this is wayyyy past due.

But anyways, for those of you who do not know Kenza,
she is the most adorable girl EVER.

Yes, she may be fifteen but she is the most
wise beyond her years
person I have ever met.
I feel like she should be where I am in life.

My darling little friend tagged me in her post to describe myself with 8 adjectives.
So here it goes...

I am a charismatic, demanding, very tall, perfection-obsessed,
SAVVY, tenacious, kitty-loving, do it herself kind of girl...

...Who is absolutely IN LOVE with her main man Matthew!

I hope everyone enjoyed my little bit insight on myself as much as I enjoyed sharing it.
It was kind of fun asking my fiance and my parents their opinions of adjectives that best describe me.
Aside from their initial jokes and zingers, it was really nice listening to what they had to say.