Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last night, Matt, a few of his teammates, their significant others, and I went to this little local bar that played live music.
It was so cool.
I didn't understand anything they were saying but it was still so cool!

Every single Greek person in that place was either on a chair or a table dancing.
Think My Big Fat Greek Wedding x10

They gave us baskets of flowers to toss at the performers we liked
(which for the boys turned into a flower chucking war)
Lets just say many of the performers got nailed in the face on multiple occasions with shredded carnations.
And when the carnations ran out, our bowl of peanuts soon found it's way up onto the stage as well via the male "grownups."

After a few drinks (necessary inside that war zone) I escaped to the bathroom to find this......
Kind of gross, I know. But I had to try it out.
I mean seriously, have you ever seen anything like this?
2 Euros for 2 minutes
complete with instructions on how to straighten or curl!

Only in Europe.