Friday, August 6, 2010

How Time Flies

Tomorrow will be Matt's and my 1 week anniversary!!!
I can't believe it :)
And even though I am officially a married woman and I get to spend 24/7 with my best friend
I still miss my bestie and I can't wait for her to come back down.
We have already made so many plans for the next visit since it will not include countless hours of running around and numerous days where we are so busy we forget to eat.  Instead we intend on...
riding the ferry back and forth and eating Jane's corn dogs
spinning around on the ferris wheel until we get dizzy on balboa island
crusining up and down newport beach on the beach cruisers
eating nick's breakfast burritos (which just so happen to be the BEST in the world)
gorging our faces with fujiyama sushi and cinnamon rolls from the island (which also just so happen to be the best in the world)
K1 racing until the boys say no more
laying on the beach until our sexy is upgraded to supasexy
and my absolute favorite is getting our morning coffee from starbucks and walking around the island (this is like the ultimate BFF trademark)

But until then I get to spend more time with my hubby in Guys Mills, PA.  Anyone know where that is?
Yeah, neither do I.
When I return back to the homeland I will post some really cool pictures.
Want to know why?
Because Mateo bought me a new camera!!!!
Blogger status officially upgraded from unrated to novice.  YES!