Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Insurmountable Power Of Food Or Lack of Discipline?....Definitely Power Of Food

Everything that I see that is edible wears a large sign that says, "EAT ME!" in bright red letters.
And then when you flip over the little sign it reads, "ALL OF ME!"
And what do I do?
even if I don't like it.
If it has sugar on it, I will put it in my mouth and swallow
resulting in 4000 calorie days and levels of saturated fat I prefer not to count.

Call it a problem because it is.

So here is my plan of attack.
I am going back to my Lose It program on my iPhone.
I am logging everything I eat and the times I eat it
I'm going to try my absolute hardest to stay away from crap food and focus on eating more protein and complex carbs.
we're about to get very personal
....every morning I will post everything I ate the day before on my blog with the time I ate it and the number of 
along with what I weigh in at each day.
I'm cringing at the thought of sharing those numbers with you all but I am slightly relieved that not many people follow my blog.
My starting weight is 168 which is depressing because I was 160 on my wedding day
It only took 3 weeks
Wish me luck!