Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Officially one of the greatest stores ever.
Got to do a little shopping at lulu with my daddy today after lunch.  Figured I should load up on yoga gear since I'm turning into an avid yoga'er. (2 days in a row!)
He even lucked out and got a pair of super cool, young dude shorts.
I got a pair of these groove pant lulus.  Super excited about them since I have been on a purple craze for a few months.
I really really wanted one of these sports bras.
Ever since I bought one a few months ago I have been madly in love with it.  I'll even put it on again if it's sweaty. 
Small exaggeration but I seriously LOVE it that much
Unfortunately they no longer carry them.  Such a sad day.
And a pair of these handy dandy running shorts that are oh so cute in purple.
I'm a happy camper!

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