Monday, September 20, 2010

I Love The Feel Of My Own Sheets

I finally made it back from Korea,
however something of edible substance that steered very clear of Korean food just couldn't wait until my arrival into the USA; so I stopped at a little Italian restaurant in the Incheon Airport while I was waiting for my flight.  I was seriously surprised when the bruschetta I ordered was placed in front of me looking like it came out of a magazine.  It's beautiful right?!?!
I was even more surprised when I realized how good it was.
And to top it all off, I hit cloud 9 after I devoured this delicious cheese pizza as well.
It was absolutely perfect.
Not too much sauce, wayyy too much cheese, and a thin crust.
I could have sworn I was in Italy by the looks and taste of my dinner.

Feeling the need to unbutton my pants and relieve my overly full stomach, I refrained from the self inflicted, public embarrassment and decided to walk it off and try to digest some of my food.
No sooner did I get up when I heard the announcement that my flight was boarding.
Los Angeles looks like pin art from the sky.
So I have one question.
Is anyone here as particular about their seat on an airplane as I am?

Exit, Aisle Row
Otherwise I am a very unhappy camper.

Did I get an Exit Row?

How about an Aisle seat?

I was squeezed into my seat about the same as I was squeezed into my pants.
It was officially the longest flight of my life.
And to make matters even more enjoyable, when our flight arrived I got through customs very quickly and headed to the baggage claim.  I was the first one there waiting eagerly to collect my single suitcase and rush outside to meet my man.
Did my plan at all go the way I thought?
You're right.  It didn't.
My suitcase was the 500th suitcase out of 500 suitcases to come out onto the carousel.
I couldn't decide whether I should laugh or cry.
After coming out of customs and seeing my husband's fu man chu that he decided to grow while I was in Korea, I clearly picked laugh.