Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might...

I took this on the flight back from Korea this morning
have this wish I wish tonight.
I wish and hope and dream every minute of every day.
I often times resort to prayer.
I always have big ideas and crazy plans and what most people would consider unrealistic dreams.
Unfortunately for my husband, he deals with my passionate debates and obsessions in overwhelming magnitudes about how I am going to accomplish something so spectacular, so magnificent, so phenomenal that someday I will be queen.
(okay, well that might be a bit of a gross exaggeration but you get the point)
I sometimes feel bad telling him my current wave of brilliant and far reaching plans, especially when I see him take a seat as I begin rattling off my ideas which are accompanied by my extensive supporting research of how this DREAM is possible.
These are supposed to be silverware holders.  I just think they look so pretty with a little candle lit in them.
Because I love my darling Matthew so much, I have decided to spare him (somewhat) of my exhausting plans and turn my wrath of excitement towards my fellow bloggers.
So now all of YOU get to look forward to my dreams and thoughts and ideas
but I warn you...
prepare yourself for some mind boggling, eye rolling, "you wish," kind of dreams.

Top 5 Short Term Dreams
(as of today)
1. To have Matt and I both get jobs in Korea and get to live together.
2. Purchase our first single family residence in Newport Beach, CA by June 2011 (contingent on dream #1).
3.  Book 10 jobs before I leave for Korea (also contingent on dream #1).
4.  If we don't get the contracts in Korea then I would like to purchase a home by December 2010 (I really really really don't like renting).
5.  Be able to fast from this Monday to Sunday.
Bonus: Get a kitty or a puppy :)
I would even settle for a goldfish.

I think I am just feeling an urge/societal pressure to take a huge step forward in my life and make things happen.