Thursday, September 23, 2010

Online Shopping ~ My Guilty Pleasure

Just bought these gems from Victoria's Secret!!
It's always such a nice surprise to get a present in the mail from yourself.
It was even better in college when you would get that package and not even remember ordering that bright pink, metallic jumpsuit you wanted ever since you were a little girl or the designer handbag that you generously paid three months salary for.
This often resulted in the typical response, "Oh me.  Thank you!  You just know me so well."
Long Sleeved Minis are so hot this year!  Love them!
No matter how much time I spend trying to talk myself into buying a patterned bra, I can never do it.  However, there was a really cute zebra one AND I managed to get it into my shopping cart
 But I always feel a little bit like a hoochie when I go to check out and I look down to my right at the Maxim catalog sitting on my coffee table and see the girl on the cover wearing the same glittery, zebra patterned bra.
I mean, I don't really plan on showing it to anyone so I just stuck to the boring black and nude.
Black can be sexy right??

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