Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome To The Fish Bowl

I just realized that I haven't shown you guys around my place.
I absolutely LOVE where I live.  It's so spacious and open with lots of great natural light.
It has been deemed the fish bowl because half of the walls in our place are actually windows.
See Olive's new kitty tree on the left?
It is a little on the older side which we don't mind too much.
I do, however, wish we could paint it so it was a little less white.
The pictures make it look much more like a hospital than it does in person.  I promise.
And Yes, those are red metal chairs at our kitchen table.  We are that cheap.
I <3 my TOMS
My favorite place in the world.  It's just so comfy.
Last but certainly not least, 
the view.
We get to watch all the boaters go by as well as the walkers on the island frantically race around the boardwalk the mornings (which is that body of land on the other side of the water)
At the front end of the yacht directly in front of our place is a little beach too!
I seriously wish these places would go up for sale.