Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bringing In The Fall

 I seriously wish Damilla would move down here.  We have so much fun together and there are so many things we can do and explore.  You know how I said I wanted to get a friend to quit her job and just hang out with me all the time?  Well I think I found my first prospect.
{Check out my cool flannel that I wore 5 days in a row}
Don't judge.
It just makes me feel like it is actually fall.....
Along with these gorgeous sunflowers.  
Camilla is used to her farmers market of perfection where everything is natural and colorful and nothing is artificial or grown with chemicals, so she was so disappointed when the sunflowers we got from Costco turned the water pink due to food coloring in the petals.
(take a breath after that incredibly long run on sentence)
 Oh well,  I still love them and they make my kitchen table look so festive.  Camilla was the arranger of the floral decor which is why they are in a mason jar.
 We also hit up the sale yesterday at Sur La Table and got Bob, the candy holding skeleton seen above along with some other really awesome goodies like the hand mixer for $30 that was later used to make frozen margaritas.
If you haven't already entered the giveaway, you have about two hours left to do so.