Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flannels And Warts

This morning, Camilla and I started our day with a cup of our new amazing Pumpkin Spice holiday coffee we scored from Costco yesterday and then set off on our usual walk around Balboa Island.  With our flannels on and our cameras hung over our shoulders, we made our way down the dock and over to the island.  The homes were seriously all so charming and appropriately decorated to welcome in the new season.
This house might have been a tad bit overboard.  My guess is they most likely have children ranging in age from 2-10, or at least I hope they have children ranging in age from 2-10.  
We had a pleasant early morning conversation with an old man out for his daily walk who told us he passed out 1500 candy bars last year for Halloween and will probably have to bump up his stash to 1700 this year because,
"They keep bussing more and more kids onto the island for Halloween."
Sounds a bit like illegal immigration to me but count me in on collecting candy.
Then, with flannels still on and cameras still attached at the hip, we headed over to the pumpkin farm.  This place was really cool because we actually got to walk through the fields and pick out all of our own pumpkins from the vines. 
With Camilla and wheel barrow in tow, we scoured the fields for the perfect pumpkins.  Preferably with warts.
Camilla made a new friend.
After we picked out the four biggest pumpkins we could find, we headed over to the vegetable farm to pick some fresh veggies.  Camilla was so impressed that they had children there getting to pick their own food from the ground because they could now better understand where their food comes from.
I think she noted this point around two dozen times.
I must admit, it was pretty cool
We picked radishes, onions, green beans, and carrots.
It was a really tough afternoon in the fields so we opted out of the corn maze, which we towered over anyways, and decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing.
See more pictures from our day here on Camilla's Blog (like I don't post enough pictures as is)
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