Friday, October 15, 2010


So, this might be my home by Sunday.
Moscow, Russia...Anyone want to come visit?
I feel like I am on the end of a yo-yo between playing volleyball on another continent or staying in America in complete nirvana.  One second I am all balled up in your hand all comfortable and then on a whim I am sailing back and forth on a string heading into a "walk the dog."
I am not really complaining because these opportunities keep coming up.  I mean, at least I have opportunities.  But in a way I kind of am complaining.
I want to find a path and take it instead of having these little side tracked detours along the way.  It's like I am trying to walk home from school but on every block there is some middle-aged man in a huge van saying,
"Come here little girl.  Do you want some candy?"
It's so hard for me to stay focused and flip that old man the bird and yell,
"No freaky old man, I'm walking home!"
I know this post just took a turn for the weird but I hope you kind of got the point.