Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Camilla Leila Dugonjic

Camilla's gorgeous ring.  There is a really precious story behind it too.
Dear Camilla,
I know I just wrote you a little note telling you that I was going to miss you oh so much but I wanted to write you another little note telling you how absolutely ecstatic I am that you are getting married!  
Not only are you getting married (which is a huge step in and of itself, for the both of us might I add) but you are actually marrying someone you like.  I may even go so far as to say he is the man of your dreams/soulmate.  Seeing you this happy, day in and day out and watching you grow out of the old pessimistic Camilla into the love life, positive, charger Camilla because you are so in Love is beautiful and I couldn't be more happy for you and proud of you.

If someone told me 2 years ago that either one of us would be married or better yet we would be living our lives simultaneously, I would have thought they belonged in a looney bin.  But watching us grow together into who we have become holds so many amazing memories and through it all I have come to love you like a sister and I am so lucky to have you as a best friend.  I may be a little reluctant to share my best friend status with Damir, but honestly, anyone that can make you this happy deserves to share that title with me. I can't wait for us to continue to grow and make families and watch our kids do the same things we did.  I look forward to all of our family vacations and our afternoons 50 years from now, sitting in our rocking chairs, telling the same stories (specifically how we met) while we watch our grandkids play together.  To find a friendship as true as this one, I believe, is as rare as finding your soulmate and I am so grateful we have maintained such a great connection even through all of our very polar opposite differences.  

I may be thousands of miles away, but I plan on helping you with every step of this wedding.  Even if the only thing I can do is tell you that you have horrible taste (we both know that won't happen).  But know that anything I can do will be done.
I'm counting down the days until I get to help you celebrate that special day.
(my count would be a lot more accurate if you would pick a date)
and you better believe I am still throwing you a bachelorette party, even if it's the night before or two months after the fact.

Dear Damilla,
You would not be who you are without Camilla, therefore you will now on be referred to as Damilla.  For the longest time I thought Camilla was so perfect and I admired her in so many different ways.  She cooks like a young Rachel Ray, she creates art better than Picaso, her writting abilities put J.K. Rowling to shame, she has an eye for design like Martha Stewart, her business savvy brain is up there with Steve Jobs, and on top of all of these qualities, not only is she gorgeous but she is an incredible friend.
I seriously think you lucked out.
But the longer you and Camilla were together, the more I realized that she really lucked out too.  Every quality and gift that Camilla had and still has has continued to grow and develop in ways that shouldn't be possible because it will cause 99% of the female population to hate her out of jealousy.  But I thank you for loving her unconditionally and for being her best friend stand-in when i'm not around.  And I thank you for making her heart skip a beat every time she sees you and making her the happiest she has ever been.
Bravo Damilla, for accomplishing the one feat no man has ever been able to do.  
She actually LOVES you.