Friday, October 22, 2010

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

Do you guys remember Matt's and my apartment?
Due to the recent move to Russia, and the community's crappy rules of no subletting, we have to move out entirely.  I am not sure I can handle this.  I have grown so attached to my temporary home.
Foggy mornings on the water, casual walks around Balboa Island with a hot cup of coffee in hand, sharing Balboa bars with my husband as we walk hand in hand down the dock.  This place has really become my home and I am seriously hurting inside knowing someone else is going to move in.  In a way, it feels like I am abandoning my life in California and throwing it to the sharks.  Dramatic, I know.  But I grow attached so easily and I have truly come to love the place I lived.  I just hope that whoever moves in falls in love with this apartment as much as I have and then they begin to hate it around April and move out so Matt and I can move back in.  Maybe I'll plan some sort of Mission: Jump Ship to make them want to move out quickly.