Thursday, October 7, 2010

So Far, So Good

Yes, this really happened.
My wish list for the week is coming along quite nicely.  I finally heard back from Korea and I have great news!

This is the jersey I will be rockin' for this year
I also finally heard back from my agent in NYC and there is a tiny bit of movement.
It may not be the amount of movement I was originally wishing for but I wasn't very specific in my wish.  All I asked for was movement, and I got it.  So I'm happy.

And third, I made a little bit of money yesterday.  I had a top secret shoot.  I would love to tell you about it but then I would have to kill you.  Clearly you can tell by the picture posted above it was pretty James Bond meets Fem-bot.

Now in an attempt to not only line my pockets but also clean out my closet/life, I have created a little place where all of you can benefit from my over shopping of the past.  It's called Morgan's Closet and you can find it on the left side of my blog right under Things I Love.  I have a million things to post but this site will only let me post 25 at a time, so as items from the store make their way to better owners, I will continue to fill up the 25 allotted spots.

Hope every is having an awesome first week in October!!