Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are finally back in Moscow after a very long road trip to St. Petersburg.
If you ever come to Russia, you must visit St. Petersburg.  It is gorgeous; full of old architecture and soft white light dimly shining from the countless bridges that frame the river which winds its way through town.  I am absolutely smitten.
I made some awesome strides this weekend with the team.  The girls are fantastic and so much fun and it's kind of nice not knowing what they are saying.  This way, if they hate me, I will never know it so I can just continue on being friendly.  With miraculous effort, I learned everyone's names, accent and all, which was not easy.

The best part of the entire weekend was when I found out that our trainer used to be a stripper!!!! YES! I said it.  A stripper.  Totally unassuming guy too.  I am going to try to make him dance for me.
I am so excited for this little golden nugget of information because you know what this means?  
I'm guessing this is going to be an interesting season.
So I am not sure if I mentioned to you all that traveling in Russia is a tad bit different than traveling in America.  Planes are not the first choice of transportation.  Trains are.  And much to my surprise, I must admit that I am feeling particularly prone to picking the train over the plane as well.  
Check out our digs!
Those are beds you see and you have the freedom to walk around as you please.  
Seat belts?
No thank you.
On the two train rides we have taken thus far, we have departed around midnight and by the time we sleepily awake from our slumber, we have already arrived at our destination.
It's like time travel.
This is our super cool stadium.  I'm really excited to play our first match here.  Maybe I can get a better picture.
Now that we're home, we have three days off.  I think I am going to call my coach and beg him to take me to the men's game tonight so I don't have to sit in my hotel room.