Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome To Russian Cribs

I moved into my apartment yesterday, otherwise referred to as a flat in every country other than the USA, and I am so excited to be out of that hotel and into my own space.

So I want to take you on a little tour of mi casa but I warn you, I basically live in a vault and your eyes might start hurting after seeing the amount of yellow in my digs.  You might assume they would choose warmer colors like rich browns or deep reds to try to counteract the arctic weather outside but instead, this previous owner opted for a pale sunshine yellow.
But in a way, I guess it's good because maybe I can just do it all my way and shnaz this place up a bit.

Anyways, as we step off the elevator we come to this door.  It requires a single key that unlocks two locks.
Make a quick left and we come to the vault.  This door requires three keys to unlock seven locks.

Voila....My Russian Crib
Standing at the entrance, from left to right
My bedroom
The second bedroom
TV room with surround sound BOOOYAH!
From the entrance, turn left and take the hallway to the kitchen.  On the way, we will make two quick stops.
First stop on the left down the hallway- Shower room and laundry room
Second stop on the left is the toilet.  
Exciting stuff.  I know.
Last stop- Kitchen.
Notice there is no dishwasher.  Matt is going to love this :)
I would show you the inside of my fridge but there is literally NOTHING in it.

Back to the entrance so we can check out the themed decor.
Now for where the magic happens!
That's how they introduce the bedroom on Cribs right?
My cozy bedroom
The View!  Doesn't really compare to my old view in Newport but it's a great perch for people watching.
The second bedroom with a killer futon.  Anyone interested in coming to visit?
The TV room with surround sound.  The flat screen is being delivered today!  Highlight of the evening most likely.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Now get outta my house!