Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Only Way To Be In Russia

I have been obsessed, consumed, infatuated, captivated, overpowered, plagued and dependent upon coffee.  Never once in my life have I been so in LOVE with something so silly.  It is my alarm clock, it is my afternoon snack, it is my bedtime ritual to drink my coffee.  It's like the only constant thing in my life that I can count on being just as warm, delicious, and blissful as the previous cup I had.  I can count on it to make me happy and give me energy.  I can count on it to make my home smell cozy and rich.  And I can count on myself drinking it in overwhelming amounts.
The way I curl my toes and clutch my cup in the mornings as I stare out my frosty window into the snowy world of Russia, makes me feel like I should be in some sort of Folgers commercial.

Yes, this may be incredibly unhealthy but considering I am in Europe, let's all just be happy that I have turned to coffee and not cigarettes.

Until then I will be happy with my instant coffee with milk and two sugars.