Monday, November 22, 2010

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Russia has been getting better and better as the days and weeks pass.  I think the amount of traveling we are doing, however unhealthy or mentally and emotionally draining it may be, really helps the time fly by.  This past week we flew four hours over to Omsk which is in Siberia.  We had an amazing hotel and we all got our own rooms.  For those of you who know Europe, know that showers are itty bitty.  Almost to the extent where I have trouble closing the door because someone of my size has hips that are much wider than most Europeans.  But to walk into my room in Omsk and see a shower that will allow me the luxury of being able to bend over to shave my legs made me tickled skinny.
I think I either need to shave or wash my new sweatpants
Our game against Omsk didn't really go as we wanted (we got killed) but we quickly forgot as we embarked on our next adventure to Chelyabinsk by a 14 hour train ride only to arrive at a hotel with maybe a one star rating (on a good day) and a bed that looks like it game from the story book Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.  I have been on many walks looking for some sort of an escape like a cafe or lounge to be able to spend most of my time in while we are here in Chelyabinsk but I have been incredibly unsuccessful and the -14 degree weather was fun at first but now I dread the thought of venturing out into that arctic cold with the reminder that I will spend the following 15 minutes trying to defrost my face.