Monday, November 8, 2010

So This Is What They Call Internet

I feel connected to the world again.  
We are currently in Krasnodar which is right on the black sea.  We have the most incredible view and I can't help but leave the door open constantly just to have that sweet smell of salty air sweep through my room.  It reminds me of home and gives me the warm fuzzies.  The air is warm but breezy.  The lands are covered with willows which sway with the wind and the sky is covered with what I remember to be stars.  I feel at peace being in such similar surroundings even though I am still thousands of miles from home.
I got to play in my first match last night against Kazan.  I played two sets since I have encountered a minor little set back with my pulled quad.  But to stay on a positive note, this is exactly what happened last year in Cyprus at the beginning of my season and it was a fantastic year.  
I'm hoping it's a sign.
But if it is, this is the beginning to a long but beautiful year.