Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Volley Or Die

Yes, I know this may get annoying but I will probably be including volleyball in most if not all of my posts.  I can see your frustration since I would probably hold the same feeling towards you if you constantly and incessantly continued to blabber on about your profession, but let's all just admit it.....My job is pretty dang cool....sometimes.
But to explain why I am currently feeling this overwhelming joy towards this sport called volleyball is because we won the tournament in Krasnodar AND I played well which makes this finale that much sweeter.  And since I like to bake my cake and eat it too, my leg only hurt a tiny itty bitty bit which is a huge leap in the right direction.
Wait! There is still some more exciting news!
My husband is currently in Poland (which is clearly not the exciting news) so I didn't get to rush home into his warm embrace.  However, I did come home to some white roses sitting on the kitchen table with a note that made me a little teary, wifi throughout my flat, and an unlocked iPhone that is now a fully functioning phone in Russia.

And the award goes to Matthew

How can life get any better at this point?

I will leave you with these pictures from my adventures in Krasnodar.
I'm not quite sure why they call it the Black Sea...looks pretty blue to me.
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore