Monday, December 27, 2010

Meet Marina

Okay, so everyone, this is Marina.  She is basically Camilla in a Croatian's body.  It is freaky how similar they are with the way they think, the way they act, their humor.  Not only are their personalities identical but their birthdays are only two days apart.  It scares me.  
So needless to say, Marina and I have become very fast and close friends.  I guess the Gods knew this was going to be a tough year, so they sent the only thing that would ensure me coming out of this alive....that being Camilla (is someone else's body).
At least two times a day we frequent the local pub.  First visit usually resulting in about 3 hours worth of latte's and the second, more often then not, results in us closing the place down with a Panna Bianca pizza shared over a couple (dozen) Long Islands and Stellas.  
We have self proclaimed our status as regulars considering we sit at the same table every time (third booth on the left), our latte's and other beverages are ready before we even arrive, the staff changes the channels to either MTV or a volleyball match when we sit down, and they refer to us by our first, middle, and last names.
Yes, I feel special.
But thanks to Marina/Camilla (Marilla/'s like there is some sort of avatar thing going on), I am making it through my first year of living in Russia.