Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't Do Dessange

I think the most difficult part about being in Russia is having to deal with my hair.

Problem #1
I workout every single day, twice a day and clearly need to wash my hair on a daily basis.  Oil and sweat is not a good combination for volume and flow.  I know this doesn't sound like a problem yet because washing my hair on a daily basis is nothing out of the ordinary.  The problem is that the weather outside likes to stay at a chilly -14 and wet hair either results in icicles coming from your hair or more often then not, a runny nose and flu like symptoms.  So to prevent either of these unwanted results, a daily blow dry is required which is now resulting in overly dry and crispy hair!  I have recently opted out of washing my hair for days at a time after a blow dry to try and salvage what is left of my healthy hair.  It's seriously depressing when all I want to do is feel clean and put together.  Instead, I am feeling like a grease monkey who welcomes frequent bad hair days.

Problem #2
European blonde is a terrible color and I am sorry for everyone who is an innocent victim of this urine shade that you Europeans call blonde but it is not flattering for any skin tone.
However, all blondes bear the terrible burden of the unrelenting upkeep of roots.  Three months is a lifetime to let these luscious locks grow with no maintenance but I was terrified to destroy what my hairdresser has worked so hard to create.  Clearly I take my hair very seriously ;)

Problem #3
I caved and found a salon called Dessange in the center of Moscow.  The reputation of this salon has been great all over Europe.  I did what I thought was enough research but much to my dismay this salon was horrible.  I now understand why there were no reviews for this salon in Russia.  I am sadly wishing I got the European blonde instead of what this outcome was.  The hair dresser, at random, selected pieces of my hair with painted it with bleach.  The end result was multiple pieces of white, fried hair that won't even stay straight when put under a straightener.  Now the worst part of the whole experience is that I paid $600 for this lady to destroy my hair.

Feeling very stupid and not making this mistake again (for at least 6 months or until the next season abroad).  That mojito in the picture looks like I could be a good solution as well.