Sunday, March 13, 2011

Being home has been the most fabulous day I have had in the past year.
It just so happened that Camilla was down here and we got to spend the night just like old times, chit chatting, telling stories, laughing, catching up.  It was magnificent.  Our time together was ended with a large egg white, vegetable omelet at Wilma's Patio on Balboa Island the following morning continued by a relaxing stroll around the boardwalk.  I have never wanted to jump with joy and excitement more than I did yesterday morning.  Grateful was the only thing that I could think or feel and it's so nice to be back where I belong.

Unfortunately, this trip home is going to be short lived.  I am hopping on a plane tomorrow and heading down to Puerto Rico to finish the season there.  I mean clearly I can't be too upset.  I am actually quite excited for the warm weather, gorgeous beaches, and endless amounts of fresh fruit.  The best part of it all is they have FIVE Costcos on the island!!!

Accepting any and all visitors.