Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back on a plane headed to Los Angeles.
Thanks again Delta for the Wifi.  LOVE IT!
This trip to Baltimore was a blast.  I got to see an old friend which brought back some great memories.  We caught up over breakfast and rolled with laughter the entire time.  
The rest of the trip was spent at the first National Volleyball League event.   
My hat is off to the entire crew who flawlessly made the NVL a huge success this weekend.  Baltimore Beach was a fantastic location.  The courts were clean, the weather was beautiful and the historic city skyline of the Inner Harbor set the scene perfectly.
The second day of the tournament was held at Preakness in the center of Pimlico Race Course.
The crowd was amusing: full of high rollers with gold chains and cigars parading around their own personal thoroughbreds dressed in colorful, sky high stilettos and spaceship sized hats, or the typical college student simultaneously draining their 9th and 10th beers, smashing the empty cans on their foreheads all while screaming slurred nonsense in an admirable attempt to follow this sport that is anything but familiar to them.
Even though the weekend is over, I'm still buzzing with excitement because not only did I make some great new friends but my partner, Chelsea Rashoff, and I started paving our way towards some pretty big goals and a very exciting future.  The most thrilling part is that yes, these goals may seem to be Goliath in comparison to previous ones, but every day that passes they become more and more possible.
Now it's time to head back to California and keep plugging away at making something out of my life.
Not to mention my mom and I are going to be doing a little home and car shopping!
Super Excited!