Sunday, June 12, 2011

This past Friday I got the opportunity to head down to St. Malo in Oceanside to coach a little volleyball clinic for my cousin Hayley and her friends.  We had so much fun playing games and having a some friendly competition.  Seeing how excited these girls got reminded me of when I fell in love with this sport.  And knowing that I was able to connect with them on a personal level and hopefully now have the opportunity to guide them into following their dreams like I was able to, is definitely one of the most gratifying feelings.
Now....Let me tell you a little about St. Malo.
This place was amazing!
I felt like I stepped out of my car into Ireland or St. Malo, France (go figure) with the wood shingled roofs with bits of moss growing and the sapphire blue accents against the neutral tones of the seaside cottages surrounded by quaint little gardens full of blooming spring flowers.
The architecture, the location, and the quietness of this destination didn't even seem to be on the same planet as Southern California, let alone in the same state.
I definitely think a trip back down there is in order.