Monday, June 13, 2011

This photo shoot has been brutal.  When they told us we would be working, they weren't joking.  We have been lifting weights non stop all day.  My arms have doubled in size and cannot be raised above shoulder level at this point.  Obviously this is a great job and it feels so good to get back into the industry.  I love the work and I love meeting new people but I have definitely lost a bit of my touch.  I am going to need to work extra hard to get back into my routine so I can book more jobs and have the ball start rolling in the right direction.
The talent and I spent the day yesterday walking around Portland.  It's such a gorgeous city filled with so many restaurants we wished we could try.  We walked past P.F. Chang's four times just to smell the food and even went into a local pub just to read the menu and dream about what we would get.  Keeping on a very strict diet during a shoot is always the hardest part but having a group of models together usually makes it a bit easier acting as a built in support system since we all endure the same challenges.  During our walk we discussed a lot of techniques and rules of thumb we live by when dieting before a shoot.
Here are some of the most common things done before we get in front of the camera.

-Three days before: cut out sugar and fat from your diet, lower sodium intake, switch to mostly proteins, minimal carbs and push water.  That means no more frequent stops at In n' Out, no more soy sauce on sushi, no more food that has any flavor.
-Two days before: push a ton of water and really lower your sodium intake, no carbs past 3 pm and none after 3 pm, zero sugar, zero fat.
-One day before: zero sodium, mostly veggies, zero fat, almost no carbs, no water after 5 pm and a good sweat before bed time
-Shoot day: very little food intake.
By following something similar you can have bodies like those boys above.
Hercules much?

Doesn't that all sound like so much fun?
Day #2 tomorrow of this shoot so wish us all luck!