Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dieting is never easy.  It actually really sucks.
And sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and go "Oh, I look fine" and become totally content with where you are at until you see a picture of yourself on the beach in a bikini and want to go throw up everything you ate the past week.
Then you start to diet and you pick healthy options like a salad until you read all of the ingredients in that tasty dressing which in total makes eating a Big Mac from McDonalds better for you than this leafy meal.  Then these companies start to trick you with zero calorie sweeteners.  Not only do they taste better than the regular stuff but the package says it's better for you too!
Guess again suckers, not only does this fake sugar have deadly chemicals in them but they also cause your body to retain fat.
Double Whammy.
Well shit, where do I go from here?
Starving myself has proven to be a poor choice considering my profession.  Eating diet foods has only made me fatter.  I'm stumped.
Back to ground zero.
I'll have a game plan for you on Tuesday.