Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yesterday Chelsea and I made our way up to our 3rd tournament in Santa Barbara.  
Since we are both a bit crazy, we decided it would be a brilliant idea to wake up at 4 am and grab some breakfast at the Kettle before we departed northbound on the 405.
Don't ask me the time it seemed like an amazing idea.
After breakfast, with my nose running and burning (kind of like when you throw up and it comes out of your nose and it burns for hours) from the secret ingredient to my omelet being horseradish (which I didn't know nor did it state this minor detail on the menu) and Chelsea's stomach turning from a soggy batch of eggs benny, we shot over to Starbucks to look for something familiar for our stomachs.  Lucky for us, we came across a man passed out in his car with a pile of vomit outside his door.
At least we knew he sympathized with our sudden onset of nausea, first: from our breakfast and second: from him.

With an awesome start to our morning, we began the trek up to Santa Barbara.  Arriving an hour and a half early, we got to sit and chat over a red-eye coffee and relax in the early morning sun.  The day was gorgeous.  We couldn't have asked for better playing conditions.
The sun was out, the air was cool, the wind was still.
It made the day so enjoyable.
On top of the surroundings, Chelsea and I started to click more and more as we continued to play.  We have taken giant leaps of improvement over the past three weeks and have continued to work hard to make this dream a reality, so it was fun to show our skills and prove that we belong among the best of this sport.  Fans and followers also started to come out of the woodwork and acknowledge our dedication which was a huge source of support for us.
I have to admit, I know we can and will do much better than we have, but it has been such an amazing ride thus far.  We continue to improve and finish better and better each time we play.
I'm really excited for what more this journey has in store for us.