Saturday, July 30, 2011

Off on another adventure to the second stop of this FIVB tournament.
Packed with carny folk, bright flashing lights, constant fireworks, sea life from every corner of the world crammed into buckets, and the usual local passed out on every corner, we feel right at home.
It's like 6 man in Korea.
We even passed a man proudly walking his white poodle who was flaunting his freshly dyed bright orange ears and tail.
Chelsea and I have become highly skilled at taking bird baths due to no walls or curtain in our shower.
We have become masters at the shake air dry because the Korean culture is striving to save our mother planet by limiting towel usage.
We have also trained our bodies to survive solely on coffee and nuts.
Through some improvisation, we made a bowl by cutting the bottom of a water bottle with a key which we then melted with boiling water (on accident).
We have become even closer through our nightly cuddle sessions while sharing a full bed with the luxury of just a mattress pad.
We have also decided to purchase stock in the Korean bottled water market.  We are fully supporting the sales of ICIS water and Nescafe instant coffee.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

We are ;)