Thursday, July 28, 2011

When I first pictured Korea, I imagined a flat land filled with fields of rice patties that stretched out as far as you could see.  I pictured long, straight, dirt roads that were lined by the basket balancing woman heading back home from town.
Shows how naive we are.
This is my second time in Korea and I am still amazed at how incredible wrong I was.
This land is untouched compared to America.  
It is filled with lush, tree covered hills that overlook the East China Sea.  An erie smog drifting through the tops of the mountains and two lane roads cutting their way up and down the sides makes the drive to and from the tournament site enjoyable and beautiful.

Yesterday, Chelsea and I faced China.  We walked onto the court so excited to play in these perfect conditions.  No wind and sunshine always plays into our favor.
Standing at the net, waiting for the first whistle to start our match, I feel a drop on my forehead.  At first, I really thought a bird decided to drop me some luck until a giant boom of thunder decided to follow shortly after.  Within 3 minutes of the first serve, Chelsea and I were battling China in a torrential downpour frequented with high speed winds.  One second the ball would be falling perfectly onto your platform only to be three feet to your left within seconds.  The director contemplated stopping the game due to lack of visibility but we chose to battle through.
I do have to admit that it was a really awesome experience.  Regardless of the fact that we barely lost the match, playing and battling with booming thunder, relentless rain, and violet wind made our match look like something out of an action movie paired with the occasional parody of the comic Korean crowd chanting USA along with their unrecognizable banter and cheers.
Standing in the rain, congratulating China on an excellent match, the rain completely stopped and the sun slowly started to come out.
The rest of the day was gorgeous.
Just our luck

Stay tuned....