Sunday, July 24, 2011

This past Friday, Chelsea and I had our first team shoot with Joel Grimes.  He is such an amazing photographer!  We worked it front of the camera for a few hours so we could capture some fun shots for our team website which will be up and running soon.
Chelsea's back hasn't been doing too well lately so after a very early morning, some hard work on set, and sore bodies, we found it to be the best idea to indulge in some R&R pool side at the Mondrian on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.
This hotel is possibly my favorite hotel in LA.  Its casual style with that LA vintage feel really captures perfection and spreads a relaxing vibe through its simplistic design and sense of outdoor living space (especially in the hectic city of Hollywood).
For those of you who have been following both me and Chelsea know that we are adamant about keeping up with our social media and connecting with those people who are involved in our daily lives.  So clearly we tweeted @MondrianLA to thank them for their hospitality and the fabulous drink selection.
As Chelsea and I sat on the lounge beds 3rd window in, we were kindly greeted by a woman working up at the bar who then proceed to ask if we were tweeting about our cocktails.
Obviously the answer was yes, but with the possibility of being in trouble we hesitantly nodded our heads up and down with the slightest attempt to look sorry.  However, the woman actually came with two more cocktails complements of the hotel to thank us for tweeting!!!
And for all you people who don't understand what twitter is for, here is a perfect example.
So with a smile on our faces and an extra pep in our step, we ended up finishing the day off with a beach cruiser ride up the strand from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach and back.
I'm so grateful for my life!