Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our first ESPY event was so much fun!  Walking the red carpet is just like working a photo shoot.  
It's exhilarating.   
Chels and I threw out so much sass to the cameras and worked the angles and had a ball, laughing and smiling the whole time.  We really enjoyed the day too.  We went to get our makeup done by the amazing Tiffany Briggs and our hair done by my long time friend and hair dresser, Patricia Rodrigues.  She is the only person I will ever let touch my hair.  So with some drinks, hair spray, and blush we all indulged in some girl time and gossip.
Why are salons always such a great time for a bunch of girls?
And you boys think we are complicated?  Look how easy it is to please us!!
After the first even at Crown Bar in Hollywood, Chelsea, an anonymous friend, and I headed over to Beacher's Mad House at the Roosevelt.
We walked in to midgets flying from the ceilings dressed up as Oompa Loompas and all the dancers in an array of costumes: Gumby, cowboy on stilts, panda bears, pink gorillas, pleather uni-suits, Spiderman, and a topless amazon woman with pasties on her boobs.  Plus we were surrounded by A-list celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris and Nicky Hilton and a few more.
Yes, I know, this all seems so cool, but it is definitely only something I can do every couple of months.  This crazy L.A. scene is not exactly my ideal night out.  I would much rather prefer a group of close friends, a big comfy couch, and a bottle of wine.  But that's not to say that this night was not a night to remember.