Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Building an empire requires a blueprint."

I have decided that the best way to proceed with my life is to start holding myself accountable. I mean like really accountable.
I know I take myself seriously, sometimes, and if you sat me down and asked me what my dreams and goals were I would list off a pretty hefty list of them. However, I have recently become painfully aware that I don't hold myself accountable ENOUGH in pursuing these dreams. Like really taking steps (daily) towards making them happen. Yes, I travel the world to play volleyball and yes, I go to meetings to try to get sponsors, but I haven't yet fully dived into putting myself out there and going after my dreams without any reservations. I recently read a book by Steve Harvey, which had nothing to do with what I am talking about now, but, he kept mentioning that people were too scared to put themselves out there due to fear of failure.
So simple yet SO TRUE!
After this self reflection, I have decided that I need to make a weekly goal list to help me be productive and help create movement forward in what it is I am trying to accomplish. My lists can range from money to health all the way to good deeds. Whatever it is I feel like will help propel me and my happiness/sense of self worth forward, then that is exactly what my goals will be for that week.

So taking charge, here's my list.

1. Today is Sunday. I will be down in Puerto Rico for the week. I have really been struggling with my eating but far exceed my necessary and required workouts to stay healthy and fit. So this week I am going to log everything I eat and limit myself to only one dessert item (most likely being a milkshake) until next Sunday so I can kick start my healthy eating plan. I am going to focus on a lower carb, higher protein diet and drop 5 pounds by next Sunday so I can move faster and jump higher for my tournament in Hermosa next weekend.
2. I will respond to all emails within an hour of receiving them. I have been letting too many must-dos become will-get-around-tos. 
3. I am going to improve this week making game time decisions in volleyball. (For those of you who do understand beach volleyball lingo, I am talking about dropping, stopping and moving to dig. Pulling line instead of middle and practicing my jump serve.
4. Do something nice for someone that doesn't involve money. I LOVE doing things for people. Like seriously, LOVE. Giving makes me the happiest kid alive. But I want to do something that takes more effort on my part than just thought and cash. I want to physically put in effort to help someone whether it's coaching a kid or helping someone move or even helping someone with a ride to the airport.
5. I am going to stretch! I know this goal seems so silly but it falls in line with my eating habits. I know what to do and I know what I should do but I don't do it and I can feel it taking a toll on my body. My right ass cheek has been in perma-cramp for 2 weeks because I am too lazy to stretch. My knees feel like they are going to explode because I am too lazy to stretch. My shoulders are so far forward that I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because I am too lazy to stretch. So, this week, I am taking at least 30 minutes a day to stretch. It can be one long stretch session or six, five minute sessions for all I care, as long as it's 30 minutes a day.

I really encourage everyone to try doing weekly goal lists. I can't vouch for this system because I have not yet tried it. But I am so excited about putting these goals down on paper and out into the universe that I am almost positive it's going to make it nearly impossible to fail.