Monday, September 12, 2011

We just arrived in Puerto Rico after a long weekend in Miami. 

The tournament setting was tough to beat (minus the billion degree weather) and the competition was the toughest we faced all year. Getting to watch Kerri Walsh play was unbelievable. Seeing how talented she is makes me so excited to work towards that level. The way she moves with such ease and sees open shots on the court all while running, jumping, turning, and barely sweating in the energy vacuum we call sun is beyond impressive. She looks so graceful. 
I can only imagine my heavy feet pounding the sand, limbs spinning every which way, and ricocheting every ball coming in my direction like a rock being sprayed from under a speeding 18 wheeler's tires when I imagine myself trying to replicate something remotely similar to what she was doing so flawlessly. 
Keep in mind that I am also drenched in sweat and sucking in oxygen like it's the last ounce left in all of Miami Beach. And with every fleeting breath, the hot, molten sand looked more and more like a comfortable place to keel over and pass out. 

The bright side: there's room for improvement….LOTS of it.