Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My past weekend was spent in Aspen, Colorado participating in the National Volleyball League tournament.
The volleyball courts were a cool little set up with a low key, organic, grass roots vibe right at the base of the Aspen mountains.  Spectators lounged in lawn chairs while enjoying their Labor Day weekend BBQ and players got to explore the town of Aspen in between matches.
So not only did we get to visit this incredibly gorgeous place full of corner cafes, great farmers markets, and participate in the local's granola lifestyle, but the best part of our weekend was that the NVL tournament fell on the same dates as the Jazz Festival in Snowmass.
This festival was such a popular event that tickets were sold-out and impossible to get.
Thankfully a group of friends that road-tripped out to Aspen in a 1982 Airstream RV (that was lacking much of it's once silver luster and sitting on severely undersized tires) were sponsored by Rockstar and had roughly 60 cases of this crack in a can energy drink.  Because (at the risk of sounding overly confident and conceited) we are all brilliant and wildly creative, we pulled up to the Zac Brown Band concert all sporting Rockstar hats and proceeded to tell security we had "cases and cases of Rockstar Energy Drink to unload."
We were quickly escorted to the vendor parking lot, each grabbed two cases of Rockstar and walked right through the vendor entrance, single file, free of charge.
High fives, rolling laughter, and jumping chest bumps were only a few of the ways we chose to celebrate our group collaboration to crash the concert.
Within minutes of our entrance, all cases of Rockstar were distributed amongst many excited consumers, all hats were sitting proudly on many concert goers heads, and we were standing stage front just yards from the Zac Brown Band.
I would be lying if I said I didn't feel super smart and cooler than usual at this point.
More importantly, the concert was amazing!  I'm a little bummed I didn't have a cool pair of cowboy boots or a cowboy hat so I could fully embrace the culture of the country genre, but I still managed to have a blast regardless of my lack of crowd coordinating threads.
We ended the night with a quick stop at the local fire station to unload a few more cases of Rockstar for those hardworking, muscular, brave, dedicated firemen (who just so happened to be gorgeous).  We felt it was our duty to help them stay awake on their long shifts.  Not to mention, my parents always taught me to give back so clearly it was for the greater good of the Aspen community.   And just because I happened to come away with a few pictures surrounded by a group of them doesn't mean my heart wasn't in the right place.  I just felt it necessary to document my community service for the week.
Don't act surprised.  I know you're not.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!