Monday, December 26, 2011

Why can't people doing a distance relationship still have dates?
I'm talking about physical dates.  Not sitting and talking on the phone.
I'm thinking the usual getting dolled up for your man, putting on your heels, and heading out to the local coffee shop for a date over coffee or cooking up a homemade meal, lighting a candle and opening a bottle of wine.  
Who cares that you'll be talking via Skype. 
(that's the catch)
Why can that not be a real date and why shouldn't it be treated as such at times?
Now ladies, if he lives within a 100 mile radius (Yes! 100 miles) then this is not acceptable.  He can get off his lazy ass and take you out on a proper date.
And boys, don't go driving down the street to the local Starbucks to put you 101 miles away.  That's cheating
Ladies, if he does go the extra mile in order to make him eligible for the Skype date, then he's not worth it anyways.
I think i'm going to give this Skype "date" a try.  I believe it should be special talking to that special person.

And that's my random thought for the day.