Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New York
How can you say anything negative?
I want to move there.
Not only is a fun place but just living there requires daily exercise walking up and down the streets just to window shop or eat.
The food is better, the people are in better shape, the shopping is the best, the lights are brighter, and the days are far more exciting.
I mean com'on
You really can't go wrong, unless of course you want to be able to stop in the streets and have a friendly conversation.  Probably not the ideal place to do that.  But nonetheless, there is something for EVERYONE there.
I'm in love.
My assistant and I spent day one wandering the streets while waiting for our room to be ready at the beautiful Essex House hotel on 59th near Central Park South.  We stopped at a cute little french restaurant for breakfast and then did a little window shopping before scooting off to our meeting with CAA.
Day two was spent doing much of the same around Rockefeller Center and then hailed one of those infamous NYC taxis over to my Uncle Kenny's restaurant, Patroon's, to help him celebrate Christmas at his Christmas tree lighting party.
If you're ever in NYC, you MUST go eat there.
46 and Lex
The service is fantastic and the food is AHHHHMAZING.  Oh oh, and for all you singles looking to mingle, his rooftop bar is great for meeting those suit and tie types who spend their post work hours grabbing a quick drink.
The highlight of day three was a meeting that took place 42 stories above Times Sqaure.  The view was breathtaking and I have now decided that a New Years Eve party in the lobby of this office is a must.  The floor to ceiling windows provide prime seating to watch the ball drop far above all the chaos on the streets.