Monday, November 28, 2011

So I tried Bikram Yoga last night.
I hate it.
I never want to go again.
It hurt.
I got dizzy.
I couldn't breathe.

I'm going again tonight.

I'm sorry, but someone my size (height and width) was not made to be twisted into every which way and then have your breathing constricted.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is for blood to travel the distance between my little baby pinky toe and my brain?  It ain't no sprint ladies and gentlemen....that's a freaking marathon.  Oh, and did I mention that lifting weights is a part of my job so the only long lean muscle in my entire body is probably in my foot (the right one- if i'm lucky) which makes me the least flexible person on the planet. 
 So when this tiny, little man of an instructor asked me to put my head between my legs and then hold on to my heels and straighten my legs, I couldn't help but laugh.
enjoy that visual

Now here's the catch...
I felt so good this morning!

I was convinced I would never set foot in that hot, sticky torture room again.
And what's the deal with not being allowed to leave the room for the entire class?
It's like i'm in preschool again and I'm not allowed to go potty until class is up.
Can you tell this stupid yoga nonsense makes me mad?
I'm am praying I grow to love it.