Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Promise To TRY (key word: try)

So 2012 eh?
Here goes nothin'

Enjoy Food
As an athlete, my body is considered a machine, thus I must fuel it as such.  My body will run on sugar about as efficiently as a car would.   Food is good.  It is not evil.  As badly as I want to think it is constantly taunting me and making me despise it due to constant cravings, I need to accept I can't survive or succeed without it. 

Blog More
This one sucks.  I have such little inspiration but I am just going to start rambling and see where it takes me.  Russia kind of killed blogging for me.  So here goes nothing.  If you stop following my blog, I don't blame you and I'm not upset about it.

Girl Time
This one sucks even more.  Gals, I love ya but most of you cause me to have that sharp pain between my eyebrows.  Clothes, shoes, boys....all great topics, but I can only handle it once a week.  (See my mentality?  This is a problem)  So in a much needed attempt to open myself up to more quality "girl time," I am shooting for a girls' night once a week.  

Lose Weight
I know this is so standard and most of you are rolling your eyes and aggressively exhaling in annoyance.  Get over it!  Even though my goal is to lose weight, the main part of my goal is how I am going to approach it.  I love the quick fix and the extreme "no food" diet but I realize that this approach is STUPID and will only result in short term success.  Sooooo I am not allowed to lose more than 20 pounds this year.  That's less than 2 pounds a month.  That means I can live up to my first resolution of enjoying food.  See where I'm going with this?

Focus On ME
I like this one and I think i'm going to be really good at it.
Totally Selfish.