Friday, March 9, 2012

Life is about challenges and battles and overcoming things that make you hurt.
Because that is certainly what I have been doing.

I just realized that I have been focusing more on overcoming obstacles instead of really enjoying life.  I dive into problems thinking the more I focus on what's wrong the better I can fix the problems. 
I need to learn how to acknowledge the problem and then let it float on by like it doesn't have anything to do with who, what, or where I am.
I am going to learn how to use the power of time and patience to help me let things pass so I can focus on enjoying the now. 
It seems so silly to me how I came to this recognition but I was browsing through Facebook and stumbled across a girl from high school.
She is a beautiful girl with a fantastic smile but had some issues when we were younger.
I clicked on her page to see how she was doing.
With every new picture that popped up onto my screen, all I saw was her white, beaming smile, and everyone surrounding her just as happy.  Each picture was about a different adventure she had enjoyed and with who she enjoyed them with.  I couldn't help but smile while looking at her page.  She looked so happy and so fulfilled.  Like she was really really REALLY enjoying life.
I want that to be me.
I want to look back at my pictures and think to myself, "WOW! That was really fun."

So here's to happiness, going with the flow, and making the best out of every possible minute of every day.