Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back on Delta on my way home from two weeks away in Baltimore and Florida.  I now have a 9th and a 13th under my belt to start off the 2012 season and managed to have such an incredible time on top of it all.  My skills are improving rapidly and I have been blessed enough to have met a mentor that is willing to help me grow whether it be through my hard work and dedication or by dragging me along kicking a screaming.  
Her name is Priscilla Lima (Pri).  Not only is she an unbelievable player but she is also an incredible person and friend.
The difference in my play between the first tournament in Baltimore and the second in Florida was day and night after just a few days training with Pri.
My partner, Sarah, and I played one match in particular that was flawless.  Our rhythm was in sync, our movements graceful and our power relentless.  I didn't realize how much of myself I had invested into that match, emotionally and mentally, until the whistle blew from the referee affirming our victory.  Immediately I was so overcome by emotion that I crumbled into Pri's arms and began to sob.  This moment will forever be one of the most memorable of my career.  It signified a turning point.  That moment, for me, was a glimpse into my future.  I now know greatness is absolutely possible.
I'm on the right track.