Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next Stop: Ft. Lauderdale

I arrived here on Monday and started practice on Tuesday.  I am still learning so many new things and going through some serious growing pains training trying to put my new knowledge into actual form on the court.  It sucks.  I get so angry because I want to be perfect now!  And by now I mean like 5 days ago.  Patience is clearly not one of my strong suits.  Not to mention I am so patient with everyone else but myself, which just annoys me even more.  I think I should start being a little kinder to the number one in my life: ME!

Today's practice was insane.  It's always tough so that's not what I mean by insane.  What i'm talking about is torrential downpours and 50 mile per hour winds.  I felt like I was on some battlefield waging war on the opposing team as we went diving through the wet sand, water pelting us in the face like tiny little bbs from the force of the wind, and dirt and sand covering our sweaty bodies.  Then it turned into some bad music video with 3 girls rinsing off in the showers as the rain continued to pour over us.
Hope that was dramatic enough for all of you.
Anyways, clearly we are having a great time, causing a little bit of a scene and making some great stories that will forever be remembered by the traveling trio: Jess Gysin, Pri Lima and myself.
Tourney starts on Saturday and I have some high hopes for this one.