Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sadly summer is coming to an end but, boy, was it eventful.  
Some of my highlights were....
- Going to the London Olympics with my bestest Camilla and my boyfriend Bode to cheer on Cam's super talented hubby Damir.  We found an amazing cafe where we had our morning coffee (Camilla's and my tradition when we are together), played tennis at The Queens Club, ate some of the best burgers I have ever tasted, and filmed some really cool trick shots with Dude Perfect.  All in all, a super special and memorable trip.
- Visiting Austria for the first time with my man and getting to spend time with him in Munich.  Our mini stay in Europe got me super excited to travel with him this winter and watch him ski!
- Getting three of my top finishes this season in volleyball and the year isn't even over!  One of them allowed me to qualify for the AVP Championships in Santa Barbara!
- Attending Preakness in Baltimore and having an incredible trip with some incredible girls.  Met some really amazing people at the Under Armor event and had multiple relaxing evenings lounging by the fire and having "family" dinners.
-Watching Bode's first horse run his first race and WIN!!  Jumping up and down in the box and screaming at that little horse (who was expected to finish last) to run was so thrilling!
- My new little addition to the family.  Harper is her name and trouble is her game.  I absolutely adore my new little kitty!

And there's still more to come....
- Moving to San Diego at the end of the month.  I'm sad to see my adorable little place go, but it was perfect for the year I had it. 
- Santa Barbara AVP Championship which is the top 12 teams to qualify from Cincinnati.  This is such a huge accomplishment for me and it is just a reminder that my hard work is paying off.
- And last but not least, ending my season and my summer by beginning Bode's season and touring around Europe!