Sunday, September 2, 2012

AVP is BACK!!!

I know, I know....these posts are starting to become all too common on my blog.
Once again, I apologize for being absent from the blogging world for quite some time now and fairly sporadic in my attempts to post sub par blogs.
Because it would be far too difficult to try to catch everyone up on my life, I guess all I can do is start now with current events and hopefully the pieces will start to come together on my past, present, and future.
Sitting on a plane again, on the way home from Cincinnati, my beach volleyball season is coming to an end.  My new partner, Priscilla Lima, and I just finished the first AVP event of the season with a 9th place finish.  
Our first day of the tournament, we played lights out and won both of our matches.  
The second day seemed to hold a little less fortune and luck than the first.  
To start off day two of our tournament, Pri got a minor concussion after I blasted a jump serve into the back of her head during our warm ups against our Silver Medal team from the 2012 Olympics, Jen Kessy and April Ross.  We played well and fought hard in the first set and lead in the second but didn't come out victorious.  We also lost our second match to end our tournament.
Obviously this wasn't our ideal ending, but we managed to qualify for the AVP Championships in Santa Barbara which is being held for the top 12 teams!
I couldn't be more thrilled!