Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things Are Not Quite Going According To Plan

Soooo we started the week coming off of a couple crappy losses in Santa Barbara
Normally I try to let previous weeks be history but I still had a bad taste in my mouth....that's probably why this week (all two days) has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start.

1. My darling kitty got fleas.  Lots of them. In my bed.  In my house.  On my clothes.  
After a few baths and some flea treatment, my next step was to flea bomb my apartment.  So little miss Harper and I went to my aunt's house.  On the way home, she thought it would be funny to
2. Pee on my clean laundry that I did at my aunt's and poop in the back seat.  Cleaning that up was fun. And then, the next morning I began to pack for my move to San Diego.  I woke up to begin packing and 
3. Found little sesame seed type balls all in my bed and around the house.  I vacuumed it up and then picked up my kitty to check her for fleas only to notice a worm on her butt.  It turned out those "seeds" were dried up segments of tapeworms that had been coming out of her behind.  Obviously, I immediately took her to the vet and then raced home to pack.  I was out front in my yard staging everything to go into the moving van when the woman parked in front of my beautiful car
4. Backed into it and crunched the front because it was "a tight parking space." Then SHE TRIED TO DRIVE AWAY!
I couldn't decide if I wanted to laugh or cry at this point.  
I mean the peeing on the clean laundry....
I laughed
Pooping in the back seat.....
I saw it coming
....eye roll
Hitting my car.....
When is it going to stop?

Back to the story....

We exchanged information and I ran inside to shower for my two meetings in LA
No kidding.
6. So now being late to both my meetings, I'm stretched a tiny bit thin.
Thankfully the day ends without any other issues. However, my Tuesday morning comes dark and early at
7. 1:30 a.m. I couldn't sleep.  I decided it would be perfect to finish up my packing so when the movers got here at 8 am, I would be ready to go.  7:30 rolls around and I get a message from Bode saying that 
8. The work on the boat wasn't finished so it won't be in San Diego for me to move my things onto today.  So now my move date has been pushed to tomorrow.  Here's the catch.....
9. I leave tomorrow for a volleyball tournament

I'm feeling like telling the universe to "Bring It On!" at this point but I think that's just asking for it.