Monday, February 15, 2010

Double The Fun

So originally Matt and I thought we wouldn't be able to spend Valentine's Day together but due to a change in a few plans, the course of our evenings changed into another night together! Yippee!!

At first I was so excited and then I went into a total panic because I realized I had NOTHING planned to make this night special. I started wracking my brain and the best I could come up with was to make him dinner.

But now what to make....

Then I remembered that I have some of the most amazing blog friends who post some incredible recipes. BINGO!

While Matt was at practice I started searching the blogs for ideas and I decided to go with...

Some of Matt's favorite Mashed Potatoes
and of course I had to include pita and tahini to incorporate a local twist
and to conclude our meal we had the second heart cake from yesterday with strawberries and whipped cream

When Matt got home from practice, the whole apartment was candle lit. The food was just about ready. And a cute card was on his plate.
It would have been complete if I got around to making the playlist but I was so enamored with creating all of these cool recipes that Lil' Wayne was playing when Matt walked in which was then followed by Hakuna Matata from the Lion King.


{Remnants of our dinner}

Anyways, the night was amazing.
We had a blast.
And I want to thank everyone who posts recipes because they were total life savers!