Monday, February 15, 2010

When In Rome

A couple of weeks ago I saw this little contest called "When In Rome" which was being put on by Robbin Brothers.

It asked for a submission of your most romantic wish and listed the prizes.

1st Place: A trip to Rome with your hubby
2nd Place: An Amsale Wedding Dress (which is the kind of dress I want)
3rd Place: A Private Screening of the new movie "When In Rome"

Duh! This was a simple choice. So I entered.......

"Small tidbit about me and my fiance: we are playing volleyball in Cyprus until May. We love our profession! We practice constantly and do not get much time to do anything during our season.

My romantic wish would be to come home from practice one night to a table set with candles and decorated with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Behind that in the kitchen, there would be an array of fresh ingredients for a make-your-own sushi night! We would spend the night laughing and making sushi (which I have always wanted to try to do) and dancing in our kitchen (which we normally do). I can't really ask for much more than that.

We fell in love in Italy; he drove two hours to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to take a photograph to ask me to be his Valentine via email. He proposed with Christmas lights that spelled out "Marry Me?" What more could a girl want other than a make-your-own sushi night with some candles, dancing, and the company of your best friend and future husband?"

Weeks passed and I heard nothing.
Finally I called my mom and asked her to check the website to see if there were any updates and to my surprise she read,

"Thank you ALL for submitting your "ultimate romantic wish"! We received over 1500. Though such a tough decision, the internal panel of judges have selected the TOP TEN ROMANTIC WISHES, and now it's time for YOU to pick the winner. Congrats SHANI, MORGAN, LAUREN, LAUREN, JACY, ELLIOTT, LINDA, PELE, MANUEL & ANDREA!!! Let the voting begin...."

If my car could record the sound I made and the singing and dancing that continued post phone conversation with my mother, the video would get 1,000,000 hits on You Tube for the convulsions I refer to as dancing, amazing facial expressions, and horrific singing abilities.

So I write this post to ask for your help.
We have until the 21st of February to vote and I would absolutely LOVE your help!

If we just so happen to win this, I am going to have to put on the GREATEST GIVEAWAY EVER!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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